Back in the e-saddle

Hi folks,

After a few weeks of being computer-free (the logic board on my power mac died) I’m back in the digital world.  It’ll take a little time to transfer everything over, so be patient. 

Many photos coming of the Tall Ships parade of sail, installing ceilings in Roann, and really anything that tickles my fancy.

Don’t Panic.

The old site format broke somehow and the sidebar stopped showing up. Actually it’s now down at the bottom of the page. A team of crack technicians are on the job, but the upshot may be a new look for the site. Who knows? Film at 11.


See? All is well. I found some extra html formatting tags that had been inserted in a recent post that caused the problems. Along the way I was fortunate to have had the help of some actual crack technicians from the WordPress community who not only helped me figure this out, but gave me some good pointers on how to make this site load a little faster and be less likely to have problems in the future.

The digital community is an amazing place. It reminds me of a Mr. Rogers quote:

When I was a boy and I’d see something bad on tv, my mother would always tell me to “look for the helpers, there are always people helping.” And I found out that it’s true. It’s one of the best things about this wonderful world of ours.